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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] yesterday afternoon, reporters from the Dongguan Public Security Bureau, the city launched the "3 + 2 + 2" special combat campaigns, municipal public security authority in conjunction with food pharmaceutical, industry and commerce, quality supervision, tobacco and other functional departments of counterfeiting initiative Mopai clues on fake goods production and other criminal conduct hot pursuit. As of July 15, the city's public security organs investigation IPR infringement and selling counterfeit money case 127 false invoices, detection 97, and seized various types of counterfeit goods worth over 33.35 million yuan RMB, counterfeit trademarks over 500 million pieces. counterfeit products involves a number of fields According to the Municipal Public Security Bureau relevant person in charge, this year the incidence and detection data from analysis, in which case of counterfeiting registered trademarks and the sale of counterfeit registered trademark case still is in Dongguan City, multiple types of cases, accounting for 67.5 percent, manufacture and sale of counterfeit registered trademark case followed, accounting for 25%. reporter learned that the criminals selling fake goods can be described as all-pervasive. Infringement of intellectual property cases in public security organs cracked in order to fake "NIKE", "ADIDAS" and other brand sports shoes, fake "Samsung", "Apple" brand electronic products, fake "Chinese", "Double Happiness" and other brands Cheap foamposites for sale of tobacco products based, and great harm to society, mainly in the fake "Arowana" oil, fake "Qingdao", "Pearl River" and other brands of beer, as well as counterfeit tobacco products, such as daily contact with the public and food products. For example, the recent Liaobu Public Security Bureau with the support and guidance of the Council's relevant departments, successfully dismantled an illegal counterfeiting registered trademarks Nestle dens, arresting four suspects and seized counterfeit trademark Nestle English and foil graphics roll film bags 465 volumes. companies involved the use of forged Thai authorized production counterfeiting Nestle book bags. July 1 at 10 am, after two months of consecutive months of waiting for the investigation, the task force within the aluminum products company in one fell swoop and arrested Li Mourong shareholders, ????? and sales Lee and 3, and in the company Volume seized 65 bags of counterfeit trademarks Nestle warehouse. 11 pm the same day, in the Shenzhen-UNITA Technology company Nestle warehouse and seized 400 counterfeit trademarks volumes bags. individual shops farmers' markets are the hardest hit Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau, responsible person also introduced, according to the survey, the majority of fake goods molecules are mainly the sale of counterfeit goods and to self-employed shop, farmers market and the urban fringe. Therefore, the majority of consumers in the purchase of goods, the best choice for regular chain stores or Goodwill store better, pay attention to pac Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale kaging quality, not to seek cheaper to buy than the genuine low-priced products, daily life learning to identify counterfeit note Tips products. Police also reminded the public once found selling fake goods crimes, can report to the business or the public security department. According to "the province's economic crime reports involving fake special incentive fund management approach (revised 2015)" provides that public security organs cracked provide important clues in criminal cases will be given certain incentives. Case: fake Nike sold all April 9 this year, city police on information, Houjie Town Fumin Commercial Street Chu Kee leather shoe integrated market and village Houjie Town of Dongguan City on the 13th hole Watergate seized fake "NB", "NIKE "," ADIDAS "6,185 pairs of sneakers, as well as a number of sales documents, the scene and arrested the suspect Zhang powder man. After further review of the case, on May 12 at 16 pm, city police of the town Management District Liu Ha Chuk Yuen Village Road, the ground floor shopping mall election blessing inspect the scene and seized fake "NIKE", "NB "," ADIDAS "and other brands of more than 5,000 pairs of sneakers, arrested ????? et al. buy fake brand sports shoes from Fujian and other places by the investigation, the suspect Zhang powder and ????? et al., Subsequently sold through Taobao, QQ, micro letters and other network platforms and software. Currently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has identified on-line and off-line Zhang powder and ????? circumstances, the campai Retro jordans for sale gn has made the country ready to close the net cluster. Next, city police said it would strengthen inspections online, Internet selling and resolutely combat criminal acts, please consumers actively report. (. Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Chinese footwear Footwear News named the top ten brands: Nike, Karma lotus) & nbsp;1998 Adidas KB8 II debut will be renamed Adidas Crazy in 2 and this year, in the two paragraph of the original breath launched color, black and purple respectively present different features. Copy of the original lighter than synthetic leather made 90s design in today still seems avant-garde and impressive. source: WishAfter last week with the "Friday 13th" and strange atmosphere, followed by 13 LeBron once again with a new color stage, this time using similar rendering will be extremely bright color to form a vamp, gorgeous visuals. Philosophy philosophy means exist, and in these dazzling colors can be found in the hidden place for a previously won the home of Miami and Akron in the course of a variety of patterns, a tribute to LeBron James through many design details of the occupation career so far. is expected to be on sale in November 21st, model 807219-008: $200. source: Sneakernews? LeBron series of each generation of the necessary color named, absolutely? A Dunkman, Dunkman color is often collectors hobby style, as the ten generation of Dunkman? The color tone relatively dull point, the necessary Logo dunk is placed in the Nike LeBron X of each color? Are some small cheap foamposites image regions, in the near future can be officially released this color! ! source: sneakerfiles?The Nike will this pair of retro classic basketball shoes again made a new presentation, with a smooth upper grey purple dotted so that the overall performance is quite elegant, if collocation suns would feel quite good shirt, is expected next spring sale abroad. source: sneakerfiles? from Tinker Hatfield, Air Jordan began in the 3 burst pattern design is one of the elements of the brand logo, although in the past few years, there have been a lot of Air and Jordan 1 combination of works, but the recent launch of the styles through the pattern effect with full color contrast, enjoy the visual and tactile meet multiple. Taiwan has been on sale this month, model 839115-600: NT $6000. source: Sneaker Politics not only in basketball shoes with great influence, in diverse and extensive field is Jordan Brand has been constantly stressed and longing for the direction, in the team's first published last year's exclusive Jordan Flight Runner jogging shoes. continuation of the previous generation of very streamlined appearance, at the same time adopt Fuse technology of hot pressing and vamp collocation excellent presentation breathable mesh cloth and thereby achieve the lightweight, Dynamic Flywire dynamic fly line to the feet of covering and supporting comfort, the combination of Flight and Flex in the bottom of the embedded Cushlon insole offers players need in in the flexible, shock and flexibility. Jordan Flight Runner 2 is expected to Cheap foamposites for sale be launched in February, priced at $120. source: Sneaker NewsUnder, Armour, Curry, 3Zer0, big boy, new style, new color, Taiwan area is on sale now, the price is NT$3980 yuan. Under Armour Taiwan also has outlets at Facebook. For details, please refer to the following shop point information. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the notice of the stores. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. - - Shilin store address: Taipei Shilin District High Road No. 15-11 - Hsinchu store address: Hsinchu City East Road 40 No. - Kaohsiung Yucheng store address: Kaohsiung City Yucheng Zuoying District Road No. 478 1 floor source: Under Armouradidas Harden Vol.1 the world's first version of "IMMA BE A hidden color STAR" let us know that James Harden in early childhood has been mind star dream and strive continuously, and then this weekend debut of 'Pioneer' is to bring you back he began to become the focus of players away, the inspiration to experience from Harden student in high school when he champions (Artesia High School) led the team for two consecutive years to dominate the California interscholastic league level third (Division III CIF State) events, especially when he reproduced the design team wearing the shirt of the tone, and the black and white red version named Pioneer to high school team name. In that year to help the team challenge two time champion game James Harden scoring 22 points with 8 rebounds and 3 assists and two steals results, Adidas also put his perso Cheap jordans online nal data and (2007/03/24) with the title date printed on the mat as a souvenir. The adidas Harden Vol.1 'Pioneer' Taiwan area is scheduled for sale on December 3rd, priced at $5290 NT$, and details are available on the Adidas Basketball fan page. adidas Harden Vol.1 'Pioneer' is a non Primeknit version. Harden Vol.1 is one of the highlights of toe block design, the use of modern science and technology is not the common leather shoes material, mainly due to the James Harden has a large cut, change the direction of play, a sense of stability and protection for the toes, but also add texture. Unlike the suede suede of 'IMMA, BE, STAR, A', 'Pioneer' matches leather with a distinct texture and a different texture. edge engraving toe handwritten signature handwriting James Harden. outsole were engraved with feet behind the mother and grandmother's birthday, they are the most powerful pillar behind James growth of Harden. The radial texture of is computed by computer, which makes the scratching performance more in line with the requirements of James Harden. source: @conkeror21 every year there will be a lot of money the first year of the air jordan be engraved, but from the current point of view, the footsteps have stopped, although some important styles still engraved, such as at the end of last month launched air jordan 6 "Sport Blue", and earlier this year with the air jordan 10 & quot; powder Blue". but still have versions of many yuan of air jordans and no engraved too, we listed below the list a lot of shoes may be some friend Cheap air jordans for sale s have not seen, of course, this list only included 15 generations ago sneakers. After the 15 generation of shoes in addition to the CDP suit has been outside of the sale of the situation, there is no record of the sale. Jordan I White/Dark Powder BlueAirJordan I White/Blue AirJordan I White/Metallic Blue AirJordan I Low White/Deep Red Air Jordan I Low White/Natural Grey Air Jordan I Low White/Metallic Blue Air Jordan I KO White/Natural Grey Air Jordan VI Off White/New Maroon Air Jordan X Seattle AirJordan X Sacramento AirJordan X New York AirJordan X Orlando AirJordan XIII Low Navy AirJordan XIII Low Chutney AirJordan XIV White/Black/Oxidized Green AirJordan XIV Indiglo AirJordan XIV Low Royal AirJordan XIV Low Columbia AirJordan XIV Low Ginger Airpay more attention to sports shoes related information, as in the SLAM family, welcome to subscribe to the public.adidas Originals this year, the main push NMD R2, this brings a new color, a little good oh? The smooth and clean and simple all-match selection in the design of white as the main color, Primeknit shoes and shoe sock type "Shadow Noise" and the three line details were preserved, collocation of white BOOST midsole is more refreshing. In addition to following the contrast between the collage and the ring, the highlight is the midsole, with the black color wrapped around the red edge, creating a visual effect of "red light". The shoes will begin on June 10th at , Titolo , and other designated stores for sale. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! said, Jordan Brand will bring a new color for the fall of Air Jordan 12, upper in the traditional imitation lizard cortex and red suede, sole is brown raw glue, the effect of personality. The shoes are expected to be on sale in October this year, the price of 190 dollars, there are no relevant spy photos released, we will continue to pay attention to. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!Nike's sneakers have never been disappointing. It's always using modern new technology to develop more athletic shoes that are more in touch with human science. At the end of last year, Nike's two patents were announced in . second, Nike sports shoes more personalized customization. Users can customize the colors of sneakers according to their moods. This patent, Nike called it "The Shift Sneaker"". Under this patent, you can not only customize the color of sports shoes, but also customize the material for making sports shoes, the thickness and hardness of uppers, the area of absorbing impact, and the position of shoes opening. In general, the user is able to customize all his Nike sneakers. You don't have to choose the finished product in the store alone. , as early as last, in 2015 June, Nike submitted the applications for these two patents. Then, on Christmas Eve last year, patent content was released. but if Nike launches these two sneakers for the vast sports shoe market, anyone wants to wear it. (plum shoes editor) is approaching the autumn season, cold temperate climate has been slowly up, so obviously you can see Vans's design style is more biased in the autumn and winter practical route, which greatly from climbing shoes experience is that, before the Sk8-Hi MTE to make this special winter warm type shoes, now Vans has come up with two Sk8-Hi Slim and Authentic Lo Pro, used commonly used in mountaineering shoes yellow suede uppers, after lace holes in metal production, shoe is obviously climbing shoes: yellow and brown and white line features is screwed into the end of the sole are also using the traditional white. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! 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Overwhelmed by the two sides in the classic retro running shoes EQT running support 93 combat creative inspiration, black suede uppers to match white "three stripes" logo, and in the bottom presents the overall design, can be described as showing is simple, the atmosphere of the fashion beauty. Shoes will be the first landing in November 14th BEAMS all the doors and online shops. Source: BEAMS